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You did it! You completed the WebQuest. Hooray!


We've learned SO much about prisms and spectra:

  • A triangular prism is a 3D shape with five faces.

  • White light shone through a prism separates the light waves into seven colors: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet, just like the rainbows you see in the sky.

  • Visible light is a type of electromagnetic energy, and is only a tiny portion of the full spectrum of radiation in the universe.

  • We use electromagnetic energy every day, and it always surrounds us.

  • Scientists can use spectral imaging to turn faraway photos of galaxies and stars into detailed color images.

  • Triangular prisms are found in many everyday objects, and you can calculate their volume and surface area.

  • Rainbows are beautiful AND amazing!

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