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Government Office

Government Resources

History & Social Studies

This site is a treasure trove of information about the United States government, including a list of presidents, facts about the flag, American currency, and more. It's written in simple language, though the vocabulary makes it more appropriate for upper elementary at the youngest, and best for middle to high school. This resource would be beneficial to teachers designing lesson plans about the U.S. government, or students doing research on the topic.

Subjects/Grades: Social Studies, 5-12

Advisory Council on Historical Preservation

The educational section of ACHP's website features links to lesson plans on historical sites and monuments, the military, National Parks Service, and public lands. The preservation aspect covers information on being a responsible visitor to these historic sites, plus what "outdoor ethics" are. Several links have tie-ins to science as well, through what natural resources our parks and forests provide, as well as archaeology. Additional information about African-American history is a huge plus.

Subjects/Grades: Social Studies and

Science, 6-12

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Science & Technology

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Mathematics & Engineering

Bureau of Economic Analysis

Financial literacy is important for students of all ages. This site features sections for students and teachers, covering topics such as the economy, money management, and even tie-ins with arts/culture and outdoor recreation. The teacher section contains full lesson plans (mostly intended for high school students) with activities, worksheets, and learning objectives. The site also links to various videos on the topics covered, offering a multimedia experience.

Subjects/Grades: Math and Social Studies,


Literature & Writing

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Performing & Visual Arts

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Health & Wellness

Administration for Children & Families

Unless students are healthy, both mentally and physically, it can be difficult to help them learn. Teachers can be a source of mental health resources and support. This site covers infancy and early education for day cares and preschools, up through school-age children 5-13. They discuss childhood trauma, emergency response, and even specific practices for Asian-American and Native American children, plus some resources in Spanish. Resources on self-care for educators round out a beautiful site.

Subjects/Grades: Health & Wellness,


International Governments

Italian Government Presidency of the Council of Ministers

For high school students studying foreign governments, this website (available translated to English) offers a simple breakdown of the Italian government, with sections on the structure of their government, how it's formed, who is involved, and what the roles are. There is also a gallery of photos and videos for multimedia opportunities.

Subjects/Grades: Social Studies, 9-12

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